Dry Up!!!!

After snapping my ACL back in February landing a really flat backie, I though life as I knew it was over with my windsurfing. Running my own business is a lot of work but gives me huge flexibility in the time I can take off, which allows me to sail a lot. But I must admit since that day, I can probably count on both hands the amount of times I would have sailed. We've had a terrible winter and spring here in Cornwall with no sign of the awesome conditions we've had for many years previous. As we move into Summer I've been back on the water for a couple of small DTL sessions which were manageable and not really painful, and one cross on session where I really wanted to talk myself out of, as I knew deep down I'd try to jump. And that's exactly what I did, a little chop hop which I thought to myself that was not so bad, knee feels OK, then a bigger jump, to finally bashing out a few forwards, the next day the knee was like an elephants, and very painful........lesson learned and limit to what I can do without an ACL found. I bumped into Ian Black (Blackie) the other evening who in his desperate need for wind had just got back from a forecast trip to Fuerte, laughing he said "I know the knee is not good, but if you could have picked a year to have an injury this is it!!!!. Although we've had this windsurfing drought, I'd thought I'd post up this little sunset evening video of why this place is so awesome to live ........even without wind!!

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