We love long weekends!!!

So with a 4 day forecast teasing over a weekend, it was time to pull rank and take a little extra time off work to make the most of the conditions, and as an extra incentive my new JP Wave Slate had turned up (just in time). With the forecast giving a mix up of conditions it was perfect to give it a good workout. First hour on Thursday was on the stock fins, to gauge the boards feel, then replaced with my K4's (which looked colour coded ...haha), and pretty much made a bloody good board perfect!!!!, 19cm flex with 10cm 2 degree ezzy sides, grip where you wanted it but loads of fun tail slides and pop on demand. Friday was a bit similar but smaller waves, (cross shore and a bit messy) which the Slate on both days made the soft waves effortless work, Saturday wrapped up half time with no wind, but a good south swell for some surfing.


Sundays forecast was southerly wind increasing in the afternoon with a W swell of around 1.7m, which is hard to predict how much warps into St Ives bay, but on reaching for my phone Sun morning, saw that the swell, had actually swung more WNW which is good news for Gwithian and when I got to the beach found it was pumping, The day dished up very tricky wind conditions wind wise but excellent DTL, with half mast high waves. Again I used the Wave Slate as I wanted a bit more float with the fickle wind. Always good to see a few travellers on a forecast, it looked a bit of a boys weekend for Andy (Bubble) Chambers, Colin (Whippy) Dixon and Max Rowe, Ross Williams also turned up on Sunday to join the party.

Monday was back to work but not before making the most of the forecast and getting a sneaky few hours in first thing in the morning, The usual Locals were ripping, Blackie, Timo, (who we have to call local now....haha), Andrew Fawcett, the list goes on, and just to put the cherry on the cake I even managed get in a second session late that afternoon on the dropping forecast.

To sum it all up......burning hands, longer arms, sore neck, sore back..........but I'd do it all again tomorrow, the desire to get on the water at every opportunity is stronger than ever.

Big thanks to Joe @ JNP Event Photography for his awesomeness behind the lens as usual.

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