Fuerteventura delivered the goods

I've just got back from an amazing trip this year to Fuerte where we've sailed Punta Blanca everyday with decent size waves, I love it when this place delivers the goods, reminds me of a good day at Maza jumping (but sunnier....haha).

My goal this year was to refine my backies, although I am sailing away from a few, they were just not consistent enough, so with the help of local Guru and good friend Stephen Gibson from Fuerte Windsurf Clinics he has helped me adjust my position and a few small things on landing and already I can feel a massive difference, with more consistency on the landing.

Its always good to catch up with old friends on these trips such as Lucy Robson who was tearing the place apart as usual, and fellow Hot Sails Maui and K4fins team rider Corky Kirkham from Windsurfing Safaris Fuerteventura,

If you ever feel that tuition or spot guidance would be a help to you if you are traveling to the Island then these are the guys to get in touch with, or if you have ever thought about a group clinic then watch this space as we will be releasing details about a wave clinic for next year.

I'll leave you with the gallery of images from the trip including Lucy, Gibson and Bastie (who was kind enough to let us have the pics), some funny wipe outs at the end including the no handed backie attempt !!!!!!!

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