You'll take anything after a swell drought

The forecast was showing SW winds with a 2m W swell, but I'm always unsure as to how much of that will actually get in the bay as it was more of a wind blown swell than ground swell, but still made the effort to get to Gwithain for 7.30am as this was looking the best time on the forecast, on arrival the wind was light and around a waist high mushy wave, with the odd shoulder set coming through. Having just had a two week period of no swell and cold northerly winds, it was kinda looking good, Thorpey (Mr keen) was already there suited and getting kit together. So grabbed the the KS3 4.9m and the 95L JP Wave Slate. Now if you never used / sailed these types of board I would definitely recommend trying one, (we have a demo available). In the cross to cross on conditions they are excellent, I have a Radical Thruster quad around the same volume but , know that I would have not had quite such a good sail as I did with the JP Wave Slate, super easy to get on the wave and you can turn them on a sixpence in marginal wind and soft waves, amazing boards!!

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