The Ezzy Legacy XT skinny masts contain 60% pre-preg carbon fiber.The fibers are pre-saturated to an exact resin-to-fiber ratio, then hand-wrapped around a mandrel, and then thermally cured.The Ezzy Skinny Mast gets its superior strength from the 50% extra thickness of its walls.The small diameter makes the Ezzy Skinny a dream to sail. You'll notice the improved handling right away in your jibes.Ezzy tops and bottoms are interchangeable and sold individually. You can buy the perfect combination for your sail quiver. That means fewer masts. The general rule when mixing tops and bottoms is: choose a shorter bottom with a longer top.Talk to your local dealer about a skinny dedicated mast extension, or conversion parts to convert your existing mast extension to work with skinny masts.

The Ezzy Legacy Mast


    Length MCS IMCS KG
    340 28 15 1.6
    370 27 17 1.76
    400 25 19 1.91
    430 25 22 2.12