100% carbon prepreg. Made in Italy

Sizes 370-400-430

The new MaverX MX 100 contains all the technology, raw materials and knowledge that Reglass could possibly put into the mast. The three words we had in mind while redesigning our top line were lightness, reflex, durability. To reach this goal we combined high module carbon fibers with a resin we developed in our company to prepare the “targeted” prepreg i.e what makes the mast eventually .

MaverX MX100

  • The MX 100 is extremely responsive ( higher reflex i.e more stable sail profile i.e better power control) and stable, and therefore a perfect choice in onshore typical conditions that are also gusty.

    The MX 100 vs Superleggero: the MX 100 migh be preferred not for the weight ( they are quite similar in this regard) but when strong, gusty onshore conditions apply. If you are an agrressive windsurfer ( you like overpowered conditions)  this is for sure a better choice and will definetly improve your early planing.


    Length/cm    Stiffness       Weight/kg

    370                        17            1.30    

    400                        19            1.55    

    430                        21            1.85

  • General Warranty

    Every MaverX product is carefully inspected prior to delivery and is covered by a 12 months Warranty from the purchase date for production defects. In order for Warranty to be considered valid, it will be necessary to certify the date and place of purchase together with the product description (type and model). In any case, Warranty can be curtailed should the defect be claimed over 2 months from the cause.

    EXTENDED warranty in Surfing conditions for RDM masts.

    The RDM masts will be covered by warranty (1 year) if breakage occurs in surfing conditions i.e. in between waves or shore break. This exclude of course breakage due to impact with rocks or sand or after a wrong rotation landed with the top of the mast but only due to the action and force of the sea. Any breakage occurring in a zone from the tip of the mast on the top section to 1,5 meter below it, is certainly due to an impact and warranty cannot be claimed.