Two length models 
4140 - 140 cm to 190 cm
4160 - 160 cm to 210 cm

New features
27 mm tube OD, 29 mm OD with grip
39 cm inside maximum width
2 pin, EZ-adjust, length setting clips
Revised alloy boom head - Dyneema easy adjusting line replaces the straps.
not only strong, stiff, super light, now it's quick and
easy to rig.
Dyneema outhaul
New thin Duro-grip and new color graphics

Standard features
Performance designed, built, and proven
Ultra strong, super light, 98% pre-preg carbon fiber construction
The orginal "new school" curve
Incredibly simple and compact, all carbon tail with 4:1 outhaul
50 cm, smooth sliding, adjustment range
Permanent length setting numbers
Harness line setting dots

Josh Angulo True Performance Booms

SKU: 4140-R