The mast together with the fin are "neglected" parts of your rig ( compared to boards and sails) yet maybe, more important. They can change considerably your planing , your ability to perform better or simply to have more fun on the water. It is a sensible thing trying to improve your mast or fin in your rig before discarding your board/sail or simpler to get the most out of them.

As hard it might sound to swallow, an old sail with a good mast will always perform better than a good sail with a poor mast.

Coming to the consideration to improve your sailing by selecting a better mast for your sail is a "windsurfing mature" thing to do, probably it comes after few years of this sport and a real passion to move ahead in your skills. Therefore if you are reading this, you might have already completed that process. It doesn't matter if you choose a MaverX mast or not, of course we are happy if you do so, but always think to invest an even part of your budget to partner your nice looking sail. 

When coming to decision to get a different mast for your sail, the question popping up is always the same: will a MaverX mast be compatible with my sail?. There are two major things to consider. 1) Rigging 2) Performance, the first depending on the mast curve, the latter to the material and construction the mast it's made of. 

The rigging question sounds complicated but it is not. Every sail manufacturer claims to have a different luff and a different curve, true yet they are almost quite close together in the range and therefore in the mast requirement (bending curve ranges today from 10 to 14 i.e from so called hard top to flex top). All MaverX masts have a curve right in the middle (12/13= constant curve) where the majority of brands sit. This curve, together with a precise IMCS value, perfectly match with almost all sails in the market today.

Using a Constant curve masts on the extreme of the range will not cause any problem, just a different setting. Use your vision to rig your sail, do not get fixated by reading the numbers and trying to match them exactly because this won't work in many cases with the original mast as well.

Every year we send our masts to testers and importers to check the compatibility and get feedbacks. 

Let's start by saying that all masts are made today of carbon, but not all the carbon is the same. There is, as for most things we buy, great, good and poor material. A mast made of poor material weather 100% or 80% of carbon content will always perform cheap. At MaverX we select the best raw material (Japanese production) the same that we also use for automotive and aerospace. The reflex we get from our masts i.e. the ability to respond to the forces that flex it in the shortest possible time reshaping the sail, is our major strength.

Along with MaverX masts, we also offer the Neil Pryde SPX AND TPX mast and Ezzy Hookipa/Legacy mast 
all delivering a no compromise constant curve performace mast, suitable for the majority of todays sails.
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