Who are we?

..........built on passion by wavesailors, for wavesailors


Based in the deepest caves of Cornwall and regularly sailing the UK's biggest and most heaviest surf breaks, all of our windsurfing equipment is testament to it's durability and strength, so you know when you buy a product from us it is one of the best on the market.


We are the only dedicated online store for the wave sailor, so understand the importance to have the right equipment.

Tools that not only allow you to excel in the waves, but give you piece of mind the hardware that structures your sail and connects your rig to your board is up to the job. Our aim is to bring you tried and tested windsurfing accessories and products that we feel are the best and most durable for the most radical and toughest of conditions.


Quality, durability and reliability................Why compromise on quality? A broken UJ at sea or in the surf is not an enjoyable experience, believe us we've been there and think its worth spending that bit extra for a quality product you can rely on. In the surf a detached rig can get trashed pretty quick and to think trashing your £500 plus sail may be avoided as easiliy as spending a little extra on a good quality deck plate. Here at Windjunkie we only stock items that we feel are the strongest and most reliable in the surf.

We are continuously building our stock repertoire, so keep an eye out for new products.


Our main focus is to ensure that "you" the wave sailor, have the best tools to keep you in the game no matter what the conditions.


Broken kit at the beach?

Not too worry, we are always near a beach here in Cornwall, drop us a line and we will be able to get you sorted and back on the water in no time. Our phone line is open 7 days a week, if you dont get an answer..........we are sailing!!, but not too worry we will pick up your messege and get right back to you (usually within a couple of hours). 

up to 3 year warranty on all Neil Pryde masts


FREE UK delivery on orders over £250
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