2017 Fuerteventura Wave Clinic with Stephen Gibson


Date Wed 12th - Wed 19th July

We planned for mid-July to coincide with the best local conditions available, that is, optimal wind and wave forecast. Fuerteventura is unique for windsurfing as this time of year has consistant trade winds and offers a multitude of spot locations to hone your newly learnt skills. From DTL wave riding, cross on jumping to flat water freestyle, there really is no other place like it to conduct a clinic, and this is why we come back year after year.

Getting there 

Charter flights to Fuerteventura are available from most major UK airports with Easyjet, Thomas Cook on Wednesday’s, both airlines of which will take windsurf kit at a fixed rate.  Please see their website for specific instructions on packing and charges.  BA also fly direct but as we understand you are unable to take windsurf equipment on their flights.Your transport /transfer will be arranged once you have your flight times confirmed.

We would recommend that your book your flights ASAP after booking the clinic as availability can be limited and flight prices may and usually do increase the closer you get to the departure date, January is usually a good month to book. Bristol airport has early flights on Wednesdays, which means that you can be on the beach and sailing the same afternoon.


Luxury accommodation with full facilities is organised close to the town centre and beaches of Corralejo.


Prices per person:-

  • Tuition, accommodation, airport transfer (free airport transfer between Cornwall and Bristol, available subject to space), Island transport (hire car to be shared by four people with two insured drivers), packed lunches on tuition days and three evening restaurant meals - £749

  • Tuition only if you organise your holiday at the same time - £449


Be quick,……this exclusive clinic only has 8 places for our inclusive tuition holiday, this is to maximise the amount of quality one on one coaching each person will receive during the week. Our aim is to make sure everyone has the best coaching to reach their goals.

Level and coaching information

Our clinics are aimed at improvers and will be tailored to suit everyone who attends.  The one-on-one time will work towards your personal goals and we will team up groups at similar levels looking to achieve the similar goals on the days we have, this is also an excellent way of everyone pushing that little bit more, when a group is focused on one similar goal.

Your personal windsurfing skills should be a minimum of planing and in the foot straps, competent at water starting and using the harness. At the more advanced end of the spectrum there is nothing that Stephen cannot teach you – from forward and back loops, pushloops, takas, shakas to advanced wave riding depending on what you wish to achieve on your week. 


Check out the video and images below to see Stephen’s videos and pictures from previous clinics /training sessions to give you an idea of the sort of windsurfing we do and the high level of instruction you can expect to receive. Stephen is also assisted by fellow Fanatic /North /ION /Maui Ultra Fins sponsored pro windsurfer Lucy Robson who will be on hand to provide video footage and photographs and additional coaching.


Previous clinics have seen clients progress from intro into waveriding to advanced frontside and backside wave riding skills and tricks,

working on jumps, and looping.

There is a great variety of spots in both the north and south of the island depending on the conditions, providing everything from waves to flat water freestyle and Stephen’s expert local knowledge gleaned from 21 years on Fuerteventura will ensure that we are always in the right place to make the most of the conditions on offer.


Once you have booked your place on the clinic we will be able to give specific individual equipment advice on what to take, we would recommend bringing your own kit as you will already be familiar with it and will not have to take the time to get used to different equipment. (There’s nothing worse than trying to learn something new on kit you are not familiar with). Kit hire is available if needed (but is at an extra cost).

Clinic details, and what’s included

  • All-inclusive clinic cost - £749pp 

  • Kit can be your own which you have brought out on the flight and you have paid excess baggage for or you can hire locally which we can organise at an extra cost.

  • Accommodation is a luxury villa (room share) which includes a pool, and is located only 5 minutes from the beach /town centre for convenience.

  • We include three evening restaurant meals, and a pack lunch on tuition days.

  • Video and photo feedback (including CD of photos to each member of the tuition group).

  • Tuition for all levels over five days.

  • Awards ceremony and prizes on the last night.

  • Daily tuition including one-on-one time working on your specific windsurfing goals with Stephen Gibson.

  • FUN of course!!!!!!


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